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All prices quoted are on this site are correct as at 1 June 2015. We reserve the right to alter prices without prior notice..

Tusk Film Transfer

Your 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film is transferred using a digital procedure. This means the images from your films are sent directly to our computers for output directly to DVD. We do not transfer to VHS first, because this creates an inferior film transfer.

WE NOW PROCESS 8MM FILMS FRAME by FRAME!!  This new process removes all flicker but keeps the quality of your 8mm films, no more loss of quality or clouding.

Even though our 8mm film process just got a whole lot better we haven’t increased our prices... yet! Get in quick, for a limited time we will transfer your films via our brand new FRAME BY FRAME process for the same price as our old ‘Real Time’ transfer process. This is a professional service and we treat every film as if it were our own. This really is the most affordable way of viewing your old 8mm films on your TV at the best possible SD quality!

The files that are created from your films are kept on our servers for up to 60 days after production, in this time it costs approximately $10 per extra DVD copy (depending on length).

All DVD productions come complete with a professionally printed DVD label and DVD cover. The cover can include any image of your choice, either taken from the film itself or from a photo you supply (this will incur a further charge).

9am - 4pm


9am - 4pm

9am - 4pm

9am - 4pm

9am - 2pm

9am - 2pm


Standard 8 Film:

50ft Reels ~ $15 each

200ft Reels ~ $50 each

400ft Reels ~ $90 each

600ft Reels ~ $115 each

Silent Super 8 Film:

50ft Reels ~ $15 each

200ft Reels ~ $50 each

400ft Reels ~ $90 each

Silent 16mm Film:

$40 per 100ft

Sound 16mm Film:

$50 per 100ft

minimum charge of $50

Discounts available for 1000ft of film or more

Super 8 film with sound will incur an extra charge

Prices listed are for transfer to MOV files or DVD.

Contact Us: 03 5634 2425

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